Policy Points

  • Community Partnerships

    (Community Policing)
    • Community Policing is a top priority. Through working hand in hand with our community members we can stop the spread of crime in our cities. To make this happen, the command structure needs to have goals of the community in mind. A culture of community policing starts from the top, and spreads down to every division within department.

    • I pledge to create stronger alliances with the community to fight for our common goal of safety for our cities. To foster a deeper understanding between the Sheriff’s department, community leaders, teachers, and other first responders I plan to give them more opportunities to share their experiences. This means sharing our crime prevention strategies, and creating joint training programs with all whom are willing to listen. This policy shift may take time, but I believe that our Sheriff’s and citizens deserve the opportunity to fight alongside each other to make our communities safer for our families.
  • Modernization

    • Modernization of law enforcement is one of my top priorities. Law enforcement, as well as other agencies have been stuck in the 20th century for far too long. I plan to update the equipment, training, and policies of the department to properly serve the 21st century Orange County. This includes body cameras for all my deputies, the creation of stronger communication methods, and modern training practices.
  • Transparency

    • Transparency means rooting out corruption at all levels, and making sure citizens know exactly what their tax dollars are being spent on. Maintaining an open line of communication between law enforcement and OC residents. By holding our agencies accountable to the highest standard of policing, we can create stronger and safer communities.
  • Homelessness

    • Recently, it was revealed that over 700 million dollars of tax payer money was left unspent by the Orange County board of supervisors. The reasoning for this, among others is an unwillingness to put aside our differences and help communities that need the most help. As Sheriff, I will ensure that jurisdictional battles and partisanship does not play a role in the decision making process. My department will work to put to use the resources available to us to create affordable housing, job training and medical services for those who need it.

    • My jails are for criminals. I will not criminalize people who can be helped with access to basic needs. I refuse to further marginalize any population that can be helped with reform and modernization.
  • Conceal Carry Permits

    • In 2017, over 7700 CCW permits were issued in Orange County. This nearly doubles the total number of CCW issued since 2010. That number equates to, around 20 CCW permits per day. I am not against CCWs or a citizen’s right to bear arms. However, I do believe that we need to have a strong and transparent review process for all whom apply. It does not appear that this has been the case.
  • Jail House informants

    • I support an audit of the system in order to create stronger checks and balances. No one will come and go from my jail without my office being made aware. I will personally work to make sure that the recent abuses of justice do not happen again.
  • Justice System Reform

    • The people of this great County are constantly changing and evolving. I believe that the justice system needs reform to keep up with community needs.

    • We need to make smart decisions when creating reform, and make sure that the reform being enacted is following the letter of the law.
  • Mental Health Awareness

    • I plan to create Mental Health Evaluation Teams (MET), which combines the expertise of nurses and Sheriff’s deputies to truly help people in our communities. By evaluating medical issues in the field, these teams can help alleviate issues leading to homelessness, drug addiction and crime. MET teams have been tested and shown to be highly effective in a number of jurisdictions including LA County.
  • Contract Cities

    • We need to reevaluate each contract so the areas that are relying on Sheriff’s services are properly taken care of. Each city is unique, with its own set of problems. I plan to work with the cities to make sure that we are doing the best to keep the community safe.
  • Access for First Responders

    • Our first responders, including Sheriff’s Deputies, Firemen, Paramedics and Teachers are being pushed out of our great county. If there is a natural disaster, this group of vital personnel will not be able to make it to our communities. To help alleviate this problem, I propose reinstating and modernizing a voucher program that will help create affordable housing for our first responders.

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